Crime Watch

DBICA was formed in 2009 around the neighborhood watch (crime watch) program. A group of island residents were concerned with crime on the island and wanted to start an island crime watch program.

Crime watch is a voluntary program organized by concerned citizens (DBICA) to reduce crime in our neighborhood. We work with local law enforcement agencies and learn when and how to report suspicious activities.

Shaun Casey from the Broward Sheriff Department kicks off our monthly association meetings reporting on the past month’s crime report. Shaun offers valuable information that promotes good security practices making us more observant and caring neighbors and boosts cooperation between the island residents and law enforcement.

DBICA and crime watch have erected several “Crime Watch” signs in the area. By joining DBICA and crime watch, you have the peace of mind that your association and neighbors are watching your property while you are out of town.

If you would like to get involved in the crime watch program or be a zone captain, please contact us.


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