Code Enforcement


The Deerfield Beach Island Association (DBICA) along with Broward Sheriff’s Office Deerfield Beach Code Enforcement have compiled a list of the most common codes of the city for your convenience. Deerfield Beach is a special place to work and live and we want to maintain a clean and beautiful environment for our residents and visitors. Please try to follow the below codes.


Thank you for your consideration.




Accumulating trash and debris on property is prohibited. All refuse containers shall be removed from the curbside PROMPTLY after their contents have been emptied by the City solid waste division. Please try to place your cans out the night before only and take in ASAP the next day.

City ordinance 20 requires that refuse containers in residential developments be stored in an enclosed structure, or screened from view, or where that is not possible, a place against the front or sidewall of the residence. .Trees, yard refuse, etc… cut by a contractor and / or construction waste must be removed by the contractor.

To file a complaint go to or call 954 480 4241. Resident’s eyes are the most important tool for code enforcement since only eight officers cover the entire city.


Large Bulk Trash

The city picks up large bulk items, bulky yard and vegetative wastes every Monday. In no case shall bulk trash and vegetative waste be placed for collection earlier THAN 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED COLLECTION PERIOD. Since our pick up day is Monday, please try to place items out on Sunday night if possible. We are a tourist town and have a lot of beach visitors throughout the weekend.  It is not good for our image having large items along the roadways. Also please consider your neighbors.


Curbing Your Pet

It shall be unlawful for any person while walking a dog or cat to allow such animal to defecate on private property or on public streets or swales or sidewalks without removing such defecation.

Please help us keep our streets, walkways and beautiful green areas clean and disease free. We are a pet friendly neighborhood but we all have to clean after our pets. We have several “doggy depots” in and near many of the grassy areas on SE 19ave. that provide plastic bags and deposit places for pet waste.


Swale Area

No non- living objects are allowed in the swale area.  (This is the portion of property between the property line and the edge of the roadway)This would include concrete pyramids, rocks, landscape timbers, etc. Small round concrete buttons are acceptable. Also please note that in most cases the maintenance of the asphalt driveway and the edging of grass and trimming of trees in the swale area is the responsibility of the property owner or condo association.  Please call Public Works with any questions.  954 480 4391


Recreational Vehicle Parking

Motor homes, boats, campers and trailers must be screened from view by a wood fence or hedge.


Inoperative Vehicles

Vehicles that are unlicensed, rusted, wrecked, disassembled, and inoperative are prohibited.


Parking Restrictions

Parking of any vehicle on a vacant lot is prohibited. Parking of oversized trucks (over 1 ton) is prohibited in residential zoning districts.  Parking across sidewalks is prohibited.



Trees may not be removed from commercial or multifamily properties without the approval of the city landscaper. For further information call 954 571 4521



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