Our next DBICA meeting will be on November 19 at 6PM.

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Our next DBICA meeting will be on November 19, 2015 at 6PM.

We meet at the Community Presbyterian Church , Briggs Hall, 1920 SE 5 Street, Deerfield Beach, Florida


Hope to see you there !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Evert l.foote


    There was a small group of us wanted to attend the November 19th meeting and we are unable too.. were curious when the next meeting will be held? One of the things we’re going to bring up is the homeless situation… That continues and is increasing in numbers at the City Beach Pavilion… some of us are there daily and daily witness more than most… it’s not good for the local community nor for visitors to the beautiful award-winning pavilion Boardwalk pier area… my name is Evert my phone number is 616-970-7399


    • admin



      Sorry for the late reply but just checking the web site.

      Homeless situation was discussed by BSO at the November meeting. Its an ongoing problem and hard to solve since they have rights.
      BSO will continue to try to get them to move on.

      Our next meeting will be January 22, 2016


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